First day of internship written report


‘Unexpected’ is the most suitable word to use in describing my day.

As a Journalism student applying for internship, I have to admit that I was really expecting that I will be assigned in news department or in any connected field. Yesterday, I was asked to report and passed the requirements and I had to start immediately. I am supposed to start on the 15th but it was a surprised that the HR texted me Sunday night saying that I can start already. So as Ms. Pau (from HR) handed me the contract, I was really surprised to see that I was assigned to Philharmonic Orchestra.

Clueless. Thinking overnight what am I going to do there. You know, orchestra and Journalism is quite far from each other.

“Meeting Sir Ezra” (Immediate Superior)

First impression? COOL. (I am not sipsip. Haha) It’s just that the meeting was really informal, I think. I mean, unlike other bosses that always make themselves superior to others, I think Sir Ezra is too humble. I met him in the hallway. The way he greeted me is too casual. (Considering the age, I think that is one of the reasons why. He is still young so I guess I won’t be having trouble in dealing with his ideas.) So as I was saying, I think it’s cool. I was silently thinking “Hey! This is going to be fun! Rock and Roll!” And Sir Ezra told me my duties. That’s the time I realized that, yes, Journalism covers PR writing. Thus, writing PR is one of my duties.

After then, I met the musicians. They’re friendly. I love music specially rock genre. Yes, maybe band and the orchestra are in different path but I love it anyways.

This is not a busy day. In fact, I was just sitting comfortably there [Dolphy Theater] observing everyone. I know that I will be very busy soon, so I have to prepare, I guess. Two thumbs up for this day!



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