If I Die Today

If I’m about to die today, I will be sad

knowing that my family will feel bad

They have dreams for me, and I as well

I have dreams for them, and they as well


If I’m about to die today, I will be hurt

I am too young, Don’t even know the value of birth

I may question God for not giving me enough time

to let my life be lived, and hit the wind chime.


If I’m about to die today, I don’t know if you’re going to cry

not sure if I touched your life as what you do to mine

I don’t know if you’ll be pained

Beacuse I do. Will you feel the same?


If I die today, I may regret many things

But I can’t do anything to undo these.

I may be a disappointment but never a failure

I maybe an ordinary but never a junk


I manage to smile though I feel bad

I never expected that this is gonna be hard

To start is difficult, but to end is a burden

Hi is awkward but Bye is painful


Well, If it is really time, Who am I to question him?

he gave my life, so he can withdraw it.

But God, if it’s already time.

Please take care of my love ones, make sure they’re fine


But if I’m not going to die today

I will cherish every moment of the day

I will be thankful for having an extra glance

though I don’t deserve a second chance





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