Christmas is in the Air in College of Science!

BS MATH Business Apllications 3A students decorates their christmas tree made of a plastic bottle as entry for the college’s contest. Photo by Janina Carpio.

Twenty days before christmas.

Last thursday night, walking with friends and  was about to go home, my head turns as group of students were rushing on a side of Federizo Hall in Bulacan State University. They were decorating belens, christmas tree and lanterns made of noticeable recycled materials. At first I thought they were first year students and it’s part of their project for NSTP. Practicing my so-called “nose for news”, I decided to have a chat with these students.

Surprised and amazed, I found out that those Lanterns, Christmas Trees and Belens is actually entries for the contest organized by their college (College of Science).  Genn Ely Genioso, Class President of BS Math Business Application 3A said that this contest is part of their College week. Winners will received cash prizes that ranges in thousand pesos. He said that all of the section in the college have to participate in this contest organize by Mr. Paulino Malang, Program Chair of the College. Said he, the awarding will be on December 10.

It is required to use recycled materials and sections were assigned into different categories (Lanterns, Belens, and Christmas Tree).

Asked if is their any problem faced while their doing the piece, Genioso said that the only problem they had encountered were their classmates who weren’t able to help.

To sum it up, the college’s idea is great. It just proves that you don’t really need to buy expensive decors this Christmas. With creativity and resourcefulness, holidays will be as glamorous as what you want.


Merry Christmas!


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