The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

Credits to google photos.

      1941, on World War II, London is not considered as one of the safest place ever existed. On the story, a group of children together with their caretakers, I guess (Jean and Eve), tried to escape to the city and save theirselves. On the middle of passing a dessert, their car got stucked and Eve went to a creepy place where in a man warned him. Well, anyways, when they continue travelling, they reached the Eel Marsh House where they decided to stay. That do not look suitable for them, anyways, but who are they to complain in the middle of the war, right? So after that, Edward, one of the children there was bullied by the two boys. They locked him in a room and after that, Edward started to act strange.
     The story continues. Blah blah blah. The woman in black’s target is really, Eve. It says that the woman is the mother of Nathaniel, kid who died. Eve is the target because Eve once got pregnant and decided to abort the baby. It’s like she is making revenge to those people who did abortion since she was not given the chance to be with his son. Well, anyways, the woman in black seems saw Edward as Nathaniel. It’s like that.
       This film is not that scary. Well, sorry but I’ll be straight to the point. I am not satisfied. I can’t remember how many times do Eve said “hello?” “Is anyone there.” I was like, “okay, try to find other lines.” It’s not scary, maybe it’s shocking. But the transition obviously aims to shock. The only shocking thing here for me is , the jump of the cat. (Well, I can consider the scene of the pilot listening to a recorder, creepy.)
     I really don’t understand why do they have to make the whole frame, black, green or blue? It’s like, what happen to the cinematography?  I know they were trying to portray the 1941 setting but I think it’s too much.
    On the other hand, I would like to congratulate those people behind the the production and set design. Job well done! You made me believe that you were really in 1941 time. But I think, this is not the perfect film for those horror film enthusiast.


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