‘Reduccion’ in Philippines

Google images. Spaniards in Philippines.

     We only believe on things we want to believe; we choose things that we will accept.
     Nothing is constant. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is permanent except for the word ‘change’. Sometimes we find it hard to accept sudden change but who are we to stop it?
     Spaniards. When we hear that word, we can’t deny the fact that we, Filipinos have negative thoughts about them. Maybe it is the product of being under this country for 333 years.
     Spaniards harassed Filipinos. That is only one of the many reasons why Filipinos used to hate Spaniards hundreds of years ago when they ruled over Philippines.
     When Spaniards came, they did not only want to get our land. They want more. They want to change the personality of the Filipinos and even change the spirit of the country. They call us Indios, fools. They believe that we need change. This is where the concept of reduccion enter. Spaniards changed our education system, spiritual concept, economic and political belief.
     In education, they promote the idea of having formal education.
     In spiritual, Catholicism was introduced.
     In economic, the galleon trade and civilazation was their idea.
     They change the sultanato and datu system into politicaal pattern similar to what they have in Spain.
     For Spaniards, a civilized country means that this country is rich. Civilization for them means living in village (pueblo). They also promote the concept of neighborhood.
     Over all, it’s undeniable that Spaniards touches the country for long years and our culture still has a taste of Spain. For 333 years, they change the country and it will never erase the fact that part of the country’s spirit has touched by them.


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