When Your Idol Came to Motivate You

     Alyssa Valdez is considered as one of the most idolized teen volleyball superstar. She and her team, Ateneo Lady Eagles were famous. Thus, there is no surprising thing on the fact that he crowd on the opening  of 2015 Intramurals of Bulacan State University were turned to beast mode when they found out that Valdez happened to join the opening ceremony.
     Since Valdez is an icon, he chance to ask a question to her is a pleasure. Though, the question and answer portion of the ceremony turned to be a funny and crazy one. Some crazy questions were asked like “Kung iinom po ba ako ng Fit ‘n Right, magkaka-abs ako?”
     Anyways, Valdez is an inspiration to all young athletes.
     The presence of Valdez made the players become eager to win. Who would not feel great when your idol came to motivate you?
     The intramurals week were successful and the organizers deserve to be congratulate. They were able to put up the week not to be ‘sports week’ but ‘recreational activities week’. Hoping that next intramurals were as successful as this also.


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