When Two Becomes One

Who could have imagined that two colleges in BulSU can be united to do a special event or activity? Well, College of Arts and Letters and College of Architecture and Fine Arts just did. In the name of the Art, the two colleges collaborate to bring up the ‘Sampay ng dibuho’ literary and art exhibit.
    The exhibit is full of poems made by Malikhaing Pagsulat students, Hiraya Collective and the drawings and paintings that represents each poems were made by BA Landscape Architecture 1B students.
     People who entered the exhibit were fascinated with the paintings qnd got inspired with the poems. Nice team up, right?
     Who could forget this amazing legendary event? This simply proves that ‘art’ can unite everyone. The event lasted for four days (Aug.25-29) at FH113. Donations gathered is planned to use for releasing their third folio containing poems and dagli.
     The said event was successful. Who would deny that? Bunch of people were still going there up to their last day. This inspires everyone to promote unity that will be able to bring them success.


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