College of Arts and Letters Collaborates with College of Architecture and Fine Arts for an Exhibit.


     College of Arts and Letters and College of Architecture and Fine Arts joined forces as Hiraya Collective and BA Landscape Architecture 1B presents the ‘Sampay ng dibuho’ literary and art exhibit.
     August 25, the opening ceremony of the exhibit at FH 113 has been joined by some students and professors of the two colleges and the dean of College of Arts and Letters, Mr. Bonifacio Cunanan.
     Ma’am Maricristh Magaling, the adviser of Hiraya Collective, and also professor of BA LA 1B,  is the woman behind the event.
     “Last year kasi, mayroong collaboration with Fine Arts naman, ngayon, ginanap siya sa Barasoain. Si Ma’am Makis din iyong tagapamagitan. Ngayon sila (BALA 1B)  naman iyong nakatandem namin. Ang alam ko, project nila iyon sa klase kaya iyon, dinaan sa amin ni Ma’am Makis…” Jenina Reyes, President of Hiraya Collective said.
     Hiraya collective together with Ma’am Makis decided which of the passed poems from Malikhaing Pagsulat workshop will be featured in the exhibit. Since the space is limited, they weren’t able to post the desired number of poems that they want to feature.
     Meanwhile, as early as July, they were already preparing for the exhibit by distributing the poems to the Landscape Architecture students who are about to draw their interpretation of the poem and collect them before intramurals.
     “Tingin ko, it is successful kasi dinagsa siya ng mga tao. Pangalawa, successful dahil mayroong espasyong ganito para sa mga activities gaya ng exhibit.” Ma’am Bayviz Careone, adviser of Hiraya said.
     Sampay ng Dibuho exhibit will last for four days (August 25-28) at FH 113 and the collected donations is planned to use for releasing the Hiraya Collective’s third folio containing literary works such as poems and ‘dagli’.


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