How Campus Journalism Affects Children on Choosing their Career Path?

     I am one of the few people who know already what they want to be even they were just a kid. At the age of 9, I know that I want to enter the media industry. At a very young age, I can already imagine myself working in that field.
     I was in grade four when I was first introduced to campus journalism. Actually, I really don’t understand the essence of being a campus journalist before, all I know is that I need to join extracurricular activities to maintain my position on the honor roll. As said, I join campus journalism just for the incentives. Not knowing, that certain activity become more interesting for me. Thats the time I realized that maybe  that field is the field meant for me. Though not sure, I still want to give it a try and found out if this is really meant for me. I am presently taking up BA Journalism and still fighting for my worth to have a slot in this industry. Campus journalism is the number one factor and the number one cause how I found out what I really want at the very young age. I know I’m not the only person who had experienced that because I know many people who did the same thing. Thus, school activities really help children on finding out what path they want to pursue. In my case, campus journalism helps.


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