Beyond the ‘News’

     News is part of our daily lives. It os something unusual that concerns the public and has time element.
     Media, as the fourth estate, we are also considered as the watchdog of the government. We represent and inform the public through news reporting.
     In writing a news article, we must observe the following elements.
A. Timeliness- It must not be outdated. The fresher the news is, the better it is.
B. Proximity- It must concern the people.
C. Prominence- It’s the popularity of the subject.
D. Significance- What’s the sense?
E. Oddity- uniqueness of angle.

    Since news is part of our daily lives, then, where do we get news?
*News is everything. Everything is news. Thus, news is everywhere.

     In additional, we also have what we call, ‘the source’. From the word itself, source is where you get news.

Division of source.
B. Hidden- for investigative reporting

2 major classification of sources
A. Traditional- Those are the officials. (The authority/Government)
B. Non- traditional- common people


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