3 General Method of Data Gathering

     Last time I had discussed with you the most glamorous form of data gathering which is the interview. Now, aside from interview, there are still two way of getting data— actual coverage and true documents.

     Actual coverage may be on the spot or pre-invitation. It also has two type; indoor and outdoor.

Indoor- it is common on pre-invitation coverage.
Outdoor- common for ambush or on the spot coverage.

     In doing a coverage there are rules that we have to observe. Such as:
A. Observe punctuality
B. Be polite
C. Be quiet, just listen.
D. Take down notes.

     True documents are of course, printed materials. It is considered as the most difficult method af data gathering. It involves recorded phone calls, receipt, bank account record, SALN, last will testament,policy statement, court decisions, etc.

     In data gathering, we must go under the process. Do not take short cuts because it may put you on danger. Journalists must also observe humanness. We serve people, not bully. Journalists consider data gathering as the most difficult process in news writing. You must be patient and must put lot of hard work. Always remember that data is important and we can not fake it. Data build up and stregthen the news. Of course we get data for evidence, and journalist do not fabricate data because we report the truth.

     Data gathering is such a long process but still, it is the life of the news.


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