Interview As The Most Glamorous Methods of Data Gathering


    We are all familiar with that thing called interview. We often saw interviews on television that exposes us to that method of data gathering.
     There are three types of interview. First we have personal interview then we have ambush and electronics type interview.
     Personal interview is pre-arrange.  You ask permission first before conducting an interview and from the word itself, it is being conducted in personal (face to face). On the other hand, ambush interview is done without permission while electronics type is a kind of interview where in we uses technology and social media.
      Though we have three options or way on conducting interview, of course we can not just choose what way we want to use. Still there are circumstances that requires us to do a specific way of conducting an interview. For personal interview for example, it must be in-depth or detailed by detailed.  It is also required in interviewing a high profile person. Personal interview is also highly recommended for a confidencial or exclusive interview and also, if the subject request so.
     If a source is confidential, the coverage is on the spot, if it is a follow up interview for clarification, ambush interview is most used.
     Though journalist do not often use electronics type interview, if the source said and request so, it is also applicable.
     Now, we know that we have three options on how we can conduct interview, always remember that records are important here. Always bring a recorder so that in any case, you have your evidence and you may use it as your protection.


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