Journalism Ethics

     Journalists write to express not to impress. Also, they write to tell the truth not the lies. They write and act base on journalism code of ethics.
      What is journalism code of ethics? What is this for? What does it says?
     A journalism code of ethics is like a list of rules, protocols or somehow law, that journalists must follow. This is for their good and for ordinary people’s good. Obeying this will serves as their protection too. (See for the copy of the journalisn code of ethics in Philippines)
     Everything must know their responsibilities and duties. By obeying this, I can say that it is possible that no journalist will be put in jail and suffer from danger. This can also serve as their limitation in their career but I can say that this is the key for a better media world. A good journalist is a good follower. And a good follower has a good etiquette


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