Texting is composing messages through the use of cellular phones. Many years ago, the regular rate of a text message is about Php 2.00 unlike now that texting promos are common. Since texting rate is a bit high before, many of us uses shortcut or acronyms just to minimize the length of the message because we are saving the money. Now, texting promos are common but still, we can’t deny the fact that most of us still uses short cuts in texting. Examples; a. instead of typing ‘who are you?’ some uses ‘hu u’; instead of ‘nandito na ako’ some uses ‘d2 na me’. But, ofcourse you may be thinking like ‘”so what?”. Well, anyways here’s the problem my friend and I had encountered. Around five years ago, I was fond of using shortcuts and acronyms on texting simply because I’m lazy. One time, I am on a middle of writing an essay when I got confused on the spelling of excellerate. It took me so long for me to remember the spelling of that word and I think, one of the factors that put me in that situation is the fact that I often use ‘xlr8’ than excellerate. I can also remember how my classmate got scolded by our teacher just because she put a wrong punctuation in her composition and one of the factors that put her also there is using wrong punctuation mark in texting.
     From then on, I promise myself not to use short cuts on texting . I also observe proper punctuation mark because I don’t want that to happen again.
     People easily get stick to a thing that they often do. They often do something until they become use to it. The more we expose to ourselves to a thing, the more we adapt to that thing.
   I highly recommend using proper punctuation and grammar in texting because this will benefit you. Promise!


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