How Technology Affects Childhood

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Last wednesday, our barangay experience an unexpected black out that lasted for about 7 hours. That incident made me realize something. I heard my cousin complaining and she was like “Ano ba? Wala pa bang kuryente? Walang magawa.” Those words came from a nine years old girl. She went to our house to barrow my tablet for her to play games there. After about half an hour, the battery got exhausted and she began complaining again. I made an observation. And I had concluded that it really seems hard for children of this generation to live without gadgets, appliances — technology. They feel bored, irritated and lifeless without those which is far different to our time. I can still remember how we enjoy playing outside when I was still a kid. I can still remember how everything else outside became a toy for us. Before, we don’t play with gadgets… We play with nature. I can still remember how our family gathered at the living room and having fun by talking funny stuff and asking us to sing or dance during brown out. I had observed that technology had really affected the attitude and mind set of the children of this generation. They were experiencing technology stress at the young age.


Technology stress occurs when someone is too attached to a form of technology then feel stressed without it. I had observed that my cousin experienced it at a very young age. Children nowadays are too attached to technology and I must say that it’s not good for them. I hope to see them enjoying life without basing on it.


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